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Pieces: The Broken
Lives Of Many People

THE BEGINNINGThere was a cool crispness in the air that indicated winter was coming very soon. It was too soon for Keirra because Christmas would be here shortly. Keirra remembered when the Christmas season was a joyful and exciting time. She looked forward to unwrapping all those gifts and anticipated she would soon be seeing all the favorite toys she had dreamed about. Christmas for Kierra was always so wonderful. She seemed to exist in a different world back then. The kind of world little girls dream of: the white house with the red painted door sitting in the middle of an enormous yard with plush green grass and flowers, surrounded by a white picket fence, a little dog named “Spot” lounging in his doghouse, and the family gathered together as they did year after year for the annual “Soul Food Feast”. Everyone always seemed so happy and hugs and kisses and smiles were given and welcomed. This was the dream world she lived in as a child. Things seemed to change quickly as she grew older. The dream world she had as a child began to fade. Time no longer seemed to stand still. Keirra was growing up.Keirra’s parents divorced when she was young and she began to struggle with who she should be loyal to, her mother or her father. She did not want to take sides because she loved them both. Divorce is always difficult for children and in Keirra’s case, it was extremely difficult. She seemed to have no sense of belonging or purpose and she began to look desperately for something or someone to give her life meaning.

About the Author
David Hatch, Ph.D

Founder of TSO Network Youth Theatre Church, Founder of Teens Speaking Out Radio Show and Performing Art Theatre Group, Founder of No More Pain Radio Show, Founder of the Northeast Mississippi Performing Arts Playhouse, Founder of Operation Hope Educational and Developmental Corporation, Spiritual Leader, Motivational Speaker, Counsellor, Life Coach, Teacher, and Mentor. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

 David Hatch is the writer of the books, “Pieces, The Broken Lives of Many People” “No More Pain Truth About Children Who Grew up In Abusive Families” “Teens Speaking Out Are You Listening?”,  “The Hundred Fifty-Three (153)”. The writer of the musical plays: “The Will To Survive, I’ve Got It!” – based on his homeless episode and the people he met while homeless; “I Gotta Make A Change” “What About The Children Now?”,   and “A March Toward The Promise Land”. Also, the writer of the scene play: “Pieces.”

David has a Ph.D. in Christian Psychology, a master’s in theology, and B.A. in Biblical Studies from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and in Business Administration, Mississippi Valley State University, and two years in Computer Science, Waubonsee College.

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Day by Day

The soundtrack from the feature film “Pieces” based on the book “Pieces, The broken lives of many people” purchase on Apple Music and Spotify.
1. “Day by Day”

Daddy's Little Girl

The soundtrack from the feature film “Pieces” based on the book “Pieces, The broken lives of many people” purchase on Apple Music and Spotify.
2. “Daddy’s Little Girl”.